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Eikona Restaurant  364-366 Broadview Avenue Tel: 416-466-7668 KaKa Lucky Restaurant  349 Broadview Avenue Tel: 416-461-3811 Pearl Court Restaurant  633 Gerrard Street E. Tel: 416-463-8778 www.pearlcourt.ca PHO House  610 Gerrard Street E. Tel: 416-778-7888 Que Ling Restaurant 248 Boulton Avenue Tel: 416-778-4038
Xe Lua Restaurant  625 Gerrard Street E. Tel: 416-466-5887 Dumpling House 619 Gerrard Street E. Tel: 416-901-0288 www.dumplinghouse619.com Mi Mi Restaurant 688 Gerrard Street E. Tel: 416-778-5948 Sing Sing B.B.Q. House 366 Broadview Avenue Tel: 416-778-8029 Simon’s Wok Vegetarian Kitchen 797 Gerrard Street E. Tel: 416-778-9836