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East Chinatown
The Archway
Riverdale Library
Located at the intersection of Broadview Avenue and Gerrard Street  East.  Chinatown East is a lively area showcasing the diversity found in Broadview.  It  is an abundance of open air markets filled with shops and restaurants  that offer a wide variety of food and merchandise.
The property is located at the southeast corner of Gerrard Street East and Hamilton Street.  The archway is 12.72m high and 11.60m wide.  The north elevation of the archway contains engraved Chinese messages of goodwill and wisdom.  A time and temperature clock is located on the west elevation of the archway.
Located at the northwest corner of Broadview Avenue and     Gerrard     Street    East. Riverdale Library opens on October 31st, 1888.  It was originated as a rented premises at the rear of Poulton's Block, Queen Street East and the northwest corner of Boulton Avenue.
Jack Layton Way
The new ‘Jack Layton Way’ is officially passed by Toronto City Hall to honour late Mr. Jack Layton.  The new street was created as part of the Bridgepoint Hospital redevelopment, and replaces a section of the old Don Jail Roadway in the neighbourhood where Layton was elected as first as a city councillor and later as a federal MP. 
One of the many Toronto neighbourhoods undergoing a revitalization is the Chinatown  at Broadview and Gerrard. Judy Ouk, the new president of the East Toronto Chinese  Chamber of Commerce, and the driving force behind this transformation, took Metro  Morning's Lu Zhou for a tour.   
CBC Metro Morning May 7, 2012 Revitalizing Chinatown
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